Online Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Generally, bonuses are meant to lure people towards gambling at a casino, which increases the chances of making their deposits bigger. Online casino sites are known to be a bit more generous when it comes to offering casino bonuses more than the traditional brick and mortar casinos.

For some, casino bonuses and promotions are nothing but an agreement between casinos and customers whereby the latter is made to make initial deposits. Certain casinos are specifically targeted towards particular age groups, gambling preferences, and sometimes gender.

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The casinos usually provide substantial bonuses to players at the time of registration. Bonuses are offered in respect of welcome bonuses, loyalty points, slot bonuses, sports betting credits, as well as jackpot bonuses.

There are some cases where the bonuses are provided for a specific duration. Apart from these, casino promotions may also be in the form of monthly casino specials, daily, special entries into draw sessions, and so on.

Sometimes, casinos like Singapore Casinos include certain restrictions to ensure that the casinos do not incur losses. This is also to impose and prevent any exploitation that can break the system.

While playing at the casinos, the player may also come across withdrawal limits. This is another commonly found term about online casinos. Normally, the player may need to spend money within a specific period to acquire the bonus or reward.

Types of Casino Bonuses

There are several types of casino bonuses. Now that we have learned a few things about casino bonuses and how they work, let’s talk about the different casino bonuses you’ll find in every online casino.

Welcome Bonus

A Welcome Bonus is perhaps the most common form of bonus that is offered by every casino. This type of bonus is also referred to as a new player bonus, sign up bonus, or first deposit bonus. From the name itself, players are given such a bonus for signing up and making their first deposit.

It targets and it is specifically made to target new players and entice them to create an account with the casino. The bonus comes in the form of at least a 100% match for the first amount deposited. The usual restriction attached is an amount limit and the prerequisite of making a deposit right away.

No Deposit Bonus

From what you can guess, this is a type of bonus that does not require any deposit on their account. Online casinos would normally offer a no deposit bonus on games with a very high wagering requirement. Additionally, they put a few other restrictions to prevent any abuse of the bonus.

One of the best things about this kind of bonus is that players get to play a new game and try it with little to no pressure and risk. This bonus works both ways as this helps online casinos promote games that are normally ignored by players due to costly wagering requirements.

Reload Bonus

Apart from these, casinos like Singapore casinos also tend to offer incentives in the form of cashback when payments are made using certain means. These bonuses may be in the form of ‘air miles’ or ‘cashback’. It is understood that casinos want their customers to spend money on their sites.

A reload casino bonus refers to a player gaining extra money just by depositing money into his/her casino account.

This bonus can also typically be referred to as a cashback. It is meant to encourage players to return to the sites and play again. Cashback is offered to gamblers both through credit cards and through internet banking.

High Roller Casino Bonus

The idea behind High Roller Casino Bonus is to reward players that make huge deposits on their account. This encourages these players to play more as they are being rewarded back with such loyalty to the casino. These kinds of players are called High Rollers or simply VIPs.

In other words, this kind of bonus is aimed towards players that give a huge chunk of money and in turn, they are provided with many different perks and other incentives to keep them from playing and depositing more.

One thing worth noting however is that not all online casinos offer high roller casino bonuses. Additionally, the bonus is also dependent on your deposit or withdrawal habits on your account.

Refer-a-Friend Casino Bonus

Another rare casino bonus that you will find in an online casino in Singapore is the Refer-a-Friend casino bonus. As rare as it is, not many people know about this particular casino bonus. This bonus allows for a quick and semi-free advert as they let the players themselves do the marketing.

Successfully referring a friend for a complete sign-up will reward them with a certain percentage, gift, or even free credits. While this is a cheap way for online casinos to grow their player base’s numbers, it is just as effective if they are really pushing for a wave of player traffic on their site.

Furthermore, this is by far one of the easiest ways to get yourself a quick bonus. It’s technically a win-win situation for you and the online Singapore casino.

Free Play or Free Spins

The other term that comes into play with online casinos is ‘free play’ where players get to, you’ve guessed it, play for free. The term free spins is another common term but mostly applies to slot games. As far as casino promotions are concerned, free spins are the most widely found on slot casinos.

Like with the many other casino bonuses on this list, free play or a free spin may involve wagering requirements to be utilized. This kind of casino bonus is also commonly combined with other bonus types such as no deposit free spin or welcome bonus free play.

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List of Singapore online casinos

Each online casino in Singapore is worth checking out. Here are some of the best recommendations that we have across the internet.

Betway Casino

Betway Casino is one of the best online casino sites that is focused on slot games. Considered as one of the leading entities in the gambling industry, Betway provides a generous selection of bonuses, benefits, and promotions. Players can get up to a $250 welcome bonus for signing up.


Solarbet Casino is yet another online gambling website with lots of sports betting action and online casino games that will keep you entertained all throughout the experience. As one of the best Singapore online casino sites, they too have no shortages of amazing bonuses, promotions, and other deals.

Casino Z

Casino Z is one of Singapore’s best online gambling websites. They accept multiple currencies other than Singaporean dollars and they offer a 100% welcome bonus on your first deposit. The website is completely intuitive and each game in their library runs smoothly.

Casino Midas

Casino Midas is also amongst the most popular online gambling facilities that offer 24/7 live casino games with lively and sexy live casino dealers. There are loads of thrilling promos that are constantly added regularly such as the $300 welcome bonus and over 150 free spins on slot games.


Sloty is the place to be if you are looking for an online casino with more slot casino action. They boast plenty of quality slot games and this Singapore online casino have nearly new promotions added weekly. They offer up to a $1,500 welcome bonus as well as up to 300 free spins.

Casino bonus online Singapore

The most common online casino bonus offered in Singapore is the No Deposit Bonus. There are a handful of online casino websites, both on-shore and off-shore, that offer a whole bunch of great deals and promo for players not only from the country but also overseas.

This kind of online casino bonus provides players from all parts of the world to make even more money because you are not required to make any additional deposit. You get to play more at the cost of nothing!

Benefits of online casino bonuses

The average online casino bonus depends on the standard of winning and giving out something in return. These bonuses often range from 100% to 200% and can also vary greatly from casino to casino.

These bonuses are often given for good player performance on a number of fronts or a combination of things like the length of time played, even the length of membership, number of wins, and much more. There are even some bonuses and gifts exclusive for players to celebrate their birthday.

The main advantage of these bonuses is that it helps to boost your chances of winning and the rewards are usually transferable to playing at other casinos.

While some bonuses offered by online casinos are limited to a certain period, it is mostly achievable and worth accomplishing. The most common malpractice of online casinos however is putting a limit on how long a particular bonus will be valid.

All online casino bonuses are designed to increase your odds of winning, however, the actual details of what you receive will vary between different casinos. While there is generally a common structure for these bonuses, the exact benefits are not always clear cut.

For casino bonuses such as free play and free spins, players get to try the games without actually spending any real money. This allows the player a good amount of trial and error. In other words, you get an opportunity to practice and improve your skill before trying the game for real.

In summary, the key benefit of any kind of casino bonus is that you stand to benefit more if you play more.