Online Gambling Amidst the Pandemic, the Good and the Bad

Online Gambling Amidst the Pandemic, the Good and the Bad

Not a single soul on earth is not affected by the pandemic that we are experiencing right now. Everything came to a stop when the covid19 struck the earth. Nevertheless, there is one entertainment that didn’t stop. That is online gambling.

Online gambling continues to operate amidst the pandemic. It is the sanctuary of gamblers who cannot gamble anymore because some of the hotels and casinos are closed due to the community quarantine.

Before the pandemic, Online gambling and online sports betting were a huge hit in the gambling community. The statistics of the yearly increase of players signing up to bookies are beyond reckoning.

Online Gambling Amidst the Pandemic, the Good and the Bad

Online Gambling Amidst the Pandemic, the Good and the Bad

But now, during the pandemic period, the increase of players signing up to online casinos doubled. This might be because hotels and casinos are closed to prevent human contact as much as possible to avoid the spread of the virus.

But does it really do good because in this situation people need to save money because the economy of every country that was bothered by covid19 is unstable. Or does it do more damage to morale if people are into gambling?

What is covid19?

Before we go down to our main agenda let’s give our leader a little information on what covid19 is.

So what is covid19? Covid19 or known in another name as coronavirus. It is an infectious disease that spreads fast through physical, or viral contact from a person infected. It can be transmitted through saliva, sweat, blood, and mucus produced by our body.

Covid19 was believed to start in Wuhan China, December last year (2019). It was believed that a bat carrying the deadly virus was eaten by people in the market of Wuhan. But it is hard to pinpoint specifics considering that there are a lot of exotic animals in the market that can carry the virus.

The virus spreads fast and is fatal to elderly persons because it amplifies certain illnesses like pneumonia and other illnesses that relate to it.

As of now, there is no known cure to this virus that is why people are discouraged to go outside if not for important things like food and other necessities.

The good in online gambling amidst the pandemic

The good thing about online gambling even if we are in a pandemic is that it brings light to people who are falling into darkness because of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Online Gambling Amidst the Pandemic, the Good and the Bad

People are losing jobs because of the closure of some establishments and activities that encourage physical contact. Sports leagues are being canceled, and the pandemic itself can bring down a person’s mental health if it’s too heavy for a person to absorb all of these.

Because of online gambling, people are distracted from the things that are troubling them. It is an escape from the reality that our world is facing right now.

It eliminates the risk of suicide because of the entertainment that it brings.

The bad in online gambling amidst the pandemic

You have to know that gambling is still a vice, and if it is not treated with discipline it will become a bad habit. Gambling is an addictive kind of entertainment and one can lose a lot of money if he can’t stop betting even if he keeps on losing.

It can lead to bankruptcy which is a bad thing especially now that people need money to buy necessary things.

In order to prevent this from happening, you have to keep in mind that gambling is an entertainment tool. You have to have a mindset that you are just gambling for fun and not for money.

Also, discipline is a vital ingredient if you are into gambling. Make sure that you can stop yourself if you are already over your budget.


In this kind of time, we need to keep ourselves healthy both mentally and physically. Gambling is a good form of entertainment because if you are lucky enough you can win money in the process.

However, too much of everything can be fatal that is why we need to discipline ourselves from everything that can ruin our life, gambling included.

So be a responsible gambler, stay healthy and stay inside. This will be over soon and we can go back to our normal lives.


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