Understanding How Roulette Online Malaysia Works

Roulette online Malaysia is a crowd favourite casino game which is very popular among casual and hardcore players. The game is simple and easy to understand, even for newcomers to gambling. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the game is wildly popular in physical and online casino. If you often wondered how the game works, here’s the guide for all the essential know-hows.

In this article, you will learn about:

  1. Introduction to history of roulette
  2. What are the different types of roulette?
  3. What types of roulette are available in Malaysia?
  4. What is the best roulette strategy?
  5. What is the best roulette online casino in Malaysia?
  6. How does online roulette works?
  7. Frequently Asked Questions


Understanding How Roulette Online Malaysia Works

Introduction to history of roulette

The origins of roulette online Malaysia can be traced back to France, thanks to a physicist named Blaise Pascal. His purpose in inventing the machine was to study perpetual motion in 1655. His scholarly research failed but it lived on as the game we know today. However, the recognition peaked in the 1800s in Monaco.

King Charles III built a casino featuring the modified roulette for gambling to generate income for his nation. The popularity of roulette began to grow which led to its migration to other countries, including North America where it became commercialized..

In the digital age, roulette is even more common in most Malaysia online roulette. The players no longer need to visit a physical casino to gamble. Instead, they can access the game via PC/smartphone. The ease of use on electronic devices commercialized the game further and made it easily marketable by all casino operators.

What are the different types of roulette?

Multiple variations of roulette on roulette online in Malaysia exist which mirror the same varieties found in physical casinos. Each variation has its own features, while not drastically different, it offers a sense of novelty when the player participates in the game. However, some may stand out for its different house edge that makes winning slightly more challenging for the players.

A) European roulette

37 numbers: Including 1-36 and 0

This version is the most recognizable roulette in nearly all casinos. Since there is only one zero in the game, the odds of winning are slightly higher. This is because the house edge for a single number bet is at 2.7% which is lower than the American counterpart. Therefore, smart players often prefer to play this version of roulette because they stand a chance to overcome house edge.

B) American roulette

38 numbers: Including 1-36, 0, and 00

While the wheel is bigger than the European version, bigger is not always better for the players. This is because the player will now have 36 numbers to choose from, with the addition of 2 zero segments. As a result, the players will face increased disadvantage because the odds of hitting a number now stands at 37/1. On the other hand, this provides the dealer with a house edge at 5.3% for a single number.

C) French roulette

37 numbers: Including 1-36 and 0

French roulette bears striking similarity to European roulette, with the exception of two special rules that give the game a twist.

En Prison: If the player loses an even-money bet, it will remain on the table and ‘imprisoned’ until the next spin. Should the player win on that spin, the bet will be returned to the player.

La Partage: If the player loses on an even-money bet, the player will enjoy a 50% rebate of the bet. Another 50% will be taken by the casino.

The house edge is at 2.7% for single number bets (same as European roulette) but the percentage is lowered to 1.35% when the rules are in place. Therefore, this version of roulette is more favourable to the players although it is less common.

What type of roulette is available in Malaysia?

In most casinos that offer online roulette, it is apparent that they offer European version of roulette. The casino may not state this obviously, but upon inspecting 1-36 numbers plus 0 only on the betting table, this matches the mechanics of European roulette. This is understandable as the game provides a fair house edge which permits the players to have a chance to win.

Meanwhile, the American version pits players against higher house edges which may draw flak from them. Furthermore, while the French version seems attractive to players, it is the opposite for the casino. As the house edge for the French version is even lower than the European version, the casino may be at risk of not retaining a desirable amount of profits.

What is the best roulette strategy?

Roulette is a game of chance, whereby the player has little control over the outcome of the game. However, the player may still employ some clever strategies to improve the chances of winning. There are 3 betting strategies which the player can utilize to outsmart the game.

A) Martingale system

Most popular strategy for online casinos. The player increases the bets after every loss, so when there’s an eventual win, the player receives lost money back. After this, the player may start betting with the initial amount again. Although this system seems easy to implement, there is a risk because the player could be betting big to win small and ultimately, unable to recover losses.

B) D’Alembert system

The system works based on the outcome of a bet, similiar to the Martingale system. However, instead of increasing the bet after every loss, the player will decrease the stake by one unit if there’s a win. The biggest advantage of this system is that things do even out if the player wins as many spins as they lose.

C) Fibonacci system

One of the safest strategies to implement, with the potential to win. The player bets based on a sequence that goes like this:

1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – 55 – 89 – 144 – 233 – 377 – 610 – 987

This strategy is based on the popular Fibonacci numbers – a sequence where the next number you get equals the sum of the previous two (example – 1+1 = 2, 2+3 = 5). To apply this strategy, the player can do so by adding the last two bets together. This will allow the players to retain a profit even if they suffer more losses than winnings.

What is the best online roulette casino in Malaysia?

To get the best of roulette online Malaysia, the player should visit AW8 for the best gambling experience. The casino is licensed to provide the best live casino experience from multiple vendors which operates 24 hours a day. Therefore, the players can stay home, and never need to visit a physical casino again for roulette. In addition, it also offers plenty of incentives such as welcome bonus, reload bonus, birthday bonus, and others to help players get more out of bets.

How does online roulette works?

Online roulette works just like roulette seen in physical casino. However, it takes it a step further with consideration of modern technology. It employs the use of Random Number Generator (RNG) in order to generate a winning number (similiar to slots). What the player sees on the screen is merely a visual representation of a ball spinning around a wheel. However, there are still casinos which actually spin the wheel live, and the footage will be shown live on screen as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I increase my chances of winning roulette?

There is no fixed formula in beating roulette. New players to roulette should take advantage of free plays or a welcome deposit to practice their test runs. This will build familiarity with gameplay. Once the player is confident, they can consider utilizing aggressive strategy like Martingale system or safer approach like Fibonacci system.

2. What number hits the most in roulette?

The mindset of perceiving any high and low hitting numbers are attempts to create illusion in a game of randomness. There are no numbers that hit frequently because there is no specific pattern. Previous winnings will not have any impact on any numbers either.

3. Is there a strategy to win at roulette?

The player may consider using strategies such as Martingale, D’Alembert, or Fibonacci system to improve the chances of winning. Each strategy works differently, and they suit players with different betting manners.

4. Is there a pattern in roulette?

Normally there is no pattern in roulette. As it is a game of chance, it is hard to predict where the ball will land. In addition, online casinos which use RNG made any prediction to be impossible.

5. Can you make money from online roulette?

Yes. Online casinos pay real money for winnings in online roulette.

6. Can online roulette be rigged?

Online casinos need profits to survive. Any negative feedback from the players could severely affect how the business operates. Although not impossible, it’s highly unlikely. The player may inspect if the casino possesses any certifications from independent bodies to verify its authenticity.

7. Do online roulette use magnets?

There is a theory that online roulette places magnets on the wheels to alter the outcomes. Although not impossible, it’s highly unlikely. To mitigate this risk, the player can choose to gamble in casinos which use RNG, hence removing any possible manipulation on the apparatus.