Understanding How Sports Betting In Malaysia Work

Sports betting in Malaysia is not new to gambling aficionados but it is certainly different from traditional table games that most players know. Unlike table games where all rules and mechanics are firmly established throughout the years, sports betting has a sense of novelty. As the name suggests, how sports betting work is wholly dependent on an independent outcome.

In this article, you will learn about:

  1. What is sports betting?
  2. Pros and cons of sports betting
  3. Law of Malaysia on sports betting
  4. Types of sports betting
  5. Choosing a sports betting site
  6. Choosing the best time to bet
  7. Best sports betting sites in Malaysia
  8. Frequently Asked Questions


Understanding How Sports Betting In Malaysia Work

Understanding How Sports Betting In Malaysia Work

What is sports betting?

Sports betting is a form of gambling whereby the player places a bet on the outcome of a sports match. Not too different from other online betting Malaysia, the goal is to win money. As every sports match only has two outcomes – win or lose, the betting will also reflect this. The humble beginnings of sports betting can be traced back to sports betting in ancient Rome where horses are integrated into chariots racing.

In the present, horse racing is an established sport in its own right. However, the demand for sports betting soon graduated from horse racing into other sports. Now the players can seek out sports betting in football, basketball, rugby, combat sports, and others. One key difference between sports betting and casino gambling is the house edge. The house edge is unknown because neither party (player and casino) has any influence over the sports. 

As a result, the player is essentially betting on the probability of winning. While the players are rewarded for playing games with skills in the casino, the likelihood of winning in sports betting can only be improved through research of sports teams.


Pros and Cons of Sports Betting

Arguments for and against sports betting exist, and the subject is often divisive. While some push the game for considerable benefits, others can foresee setbacks that come with the game. Regardless of how the people viewed the game, sports betting in Malaysia is still proven to be a staple in online casinos.

2.1 Pros of sports betting

2.1.1) Reduced house edge

House edge is the mathematical advantage possessed by the dealer in the game. In other words, it refers to the likelihood of the dealer winning the game. Every casino game has a house edge that the player must overcome to win the game. However, this is an exception for sports betting. This is because in most games, the player and dealer are up against each other to win the game. There are pre-existing odds such as unpredictability of card combinations that creates barriers to win. However, sports betting is different because the player and dealer are not actively involved in the match. Therefore, the dealer cannot exert direct control over the game.

2.1.2) Wide variety of choices

In Malaysia online betting, bigger is always better. Likewise, sports betting celebrates this spirit with the ample opportunities to bet in games that suit players’ preferences. Players who have no interest in football can choose other sports such as rugby and basketball. Recognizable athletes may also help players to familiarize themselves with the rules of sports. This is important because knowing key players can help with their research. Since house edge is nearly non-existent, sports betting requires players to do some homework and identify a stronger contender.

2.1.3) Good ease of play

Unlike other table games, the players are not required to memorize any card combination or know the flow of the game by heart. Sports betting also does not require players to know which and where to place bets on the table. Complexity of gameplay is greatly toned down for sports betting in Malaysia. In most general bets, the players only need to decide which combatant or team will win in the match. Place a bet, observe the match, and win/lose. Hence, this makes sports betting a good starting point for new gamblers.

2.2 Cons of sports betting

2.2.1) Volume of games

Depending on the go-to sports of the players, not every sport is organized on a big scale all year long. In most instances, sports are seasonal, and highly anticipated variants are not even frequent. For example, football is typically associated with the FIFA World Cup, UEFA European Championship, Copa America, and others. Big championships like the FIFA World World Cup are only organized once every four years. Therefore, players who primarily bet on football will find there is nothing much to do in the off peak season. This is also true for other sports which are not held frequently, and there is a cool down period.

2.2.2) Sports corruption

Due to financial gains generated from sports betting, it can unfortunately lead to match fixing, and ultimately sports corruption. Match fixing is often referred to as illegal manipulation of the outcome of a match before it is played. This may cause some parties to give or take bribes in order to lose a match on purpose, and allow the dealer to keep bigger stakes of the betting. Sports betting could become a pathway for organized crimes to extend its reach and cause loss of integrity in sports. The impact of match fixing is real, and the consequences often led to downfall of many parties, and even ending careers of athletes. 

2.2.3) Addiction

What happens when the player becomes well-versed in all varieties of matches in sports betting? The outcome in the opposite spectrum could happen should the player lack self-control. Addiction may occur to the person in the pursuit of the thrill, and possibly, the goal of recouping the losses. Addiction in gambling is a serious issue that often has disastrous impact on a person’s financial standing. To combat this problem, the player should set a budget and stick to it. Ideally, the player may also concentrate on selected sports instead of distributing the money evenly for betting. 


Law of Malaysia on Sports Betting

Three major laws in Malaysia regulate online gambling to a great extent. These frameworks are Betting Act 1953, Common Gaming Houses Act 1953, and Sharia Law. In regards to sports betting, it is governed by Betting Act 1953 which prohibits online gambling. While sports betting is not explicitly specified, it can be considered as online gambling since it requires the use of the Internet. While it is deemed illegal, the online gambling sites are not strictly regulated. As a result, this creates a grey area where the players can still make their bets.


Types of Sports Betting

While there are a wide range of betting options, it is less complex than classic table games in the casino. Moneyline is to be most straightforward whereas parlays are the most complicated, with bigger payout.


Term Definition
Moneyline/Straight bet Bet on one side to win the game
Point spread/Handicap Bet on how many points or score a team will win by
Over/Under Bet on the combined score of two teams in a match. The dealer will set a number, and the players will bet whether the score will go over or under that number.
Futures Bet on a future outcome of a match. For example, the player may bet whether Team X will win in the next FIFA World Cup.
Prop Bet on an outcome which occurs during the match, it is not necessarily related to any score. For example, the player can bet on which team will score first.
Parlays  Combine all types of bets into one. Big potential payout. However, the bet loses if any of the combined smaller bets loses too.
Teasers Lines are shifted slightly in favour of the player’s odds. The risk of losing is reduced, and the same goes for payout.
Ifs and Reverses A type of exotic bet.

If: If I win this game, I will bet on the next game. Succession of winnings is required.

Reverse: If the player bets on A to win but B wins instead, the player will bet on B in the next round,


Choosing a Sports Betting Site

There are no textbook rules to choose the right sports betting bite. However, some guidance can do great favour to find the ideal sites. The key is to know what you are looking for.

5.1 Identify your needs

The player should think about his favourite sports, or sports which he is interested in. This helps the player to make educated decisions on potential winning teams. In addition, the player should also consider the variety of sports betting advertised on the website. The more, the better if you are aiming to exploit all betting opportunities.

5.2 List down the no-nos

The player should be able to gamble in his or her comfort zone. Any traits which may lead to the players’ poor gambling experience should not be tolerated. For instance, the player should consider malaysia online sports betting sites which excludes football to be a dealbreaker (if the player is a football fan). In addition, payment methods should also be considered.

5.3 Research for candidates

Now it’s time to go online to hunt down the websites for online sports betting. The player may start on a search engine for the broadest range of results. On the other hand, the player may also search on social media accounts to view the activities of casino operators. Otherwise, the player may also inspect websites which reviews online casinos for a condensed write-up.

5.4 Narrow down the candidates

Before choosing the right online casino, the player should review the reputation of the websites. The player may inspect the reviews and feedback on forums, TrustPilot, Reddit, or social media accounts. Any complaints on missing or delayed payout should be categorized as red flags. In addition, the player should also consider bonuses offered by the casino operators. Most importantly, the player must review the variety of sports betting which suits their preferences.

5.5 Execute test run and decide 

Most reputable online casinos offer free plays for the players to experiment with game mechanics. Therefore, the player should take advantage of this and explore how each website works. This can help to confirm or deny suspicion on the reliability of the websites. Once the player has the finalists, the player is advised to play in one or two online casinos to ensure better tracking of winnings and payout.


Choosing the best time to bet

Timing is subjective to each player’s preference, and there is no true right or wrong. It boils down to the game and which method works best for the person.

6.1 Immediately once lines are released

In sports like football, the team may only compete in one match for the week. Therefore, the player should make haste if they believe a selected team is a clear winner. Lines may be continuously updated, and the betting window can also mirror this with a short window. Early betting can be good because it guarantees a win (if the educated guess is right) before the bet is prematurely closed by the casino.

6.2 Minutes before the game

This strategy centered on gathering intelligence to make the best bet. However, lines can also be tighter right before the game, and the intent to establish value on either competitors can be difficult. This can be good to assess the situation (such as to identify key players in a team) before betting to score a higher chance to win. 

6.3 In-game betting

This is also a popular betting time because the player can clearly see the teams in action. Throughout the game, the online casino may make adjustments to online betting Malaysia, to favour the house and prevent loss of money. The player needs to think ahead and act with precision in order to outsmart the casino.


Best Sports Betting Sites in Malaysia

Sports betting in Malaysia is nearly just as popular as other games. With the variety of online casinos that advertise sports betting, the players are spoiled by choices. Each casino has their own perks that match the many needs of players.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I place a bet on the NFL?

The players can place NFL bets on these casinos, which offers welcome bonus from 100% – 220%:


Where can I bet on football in Malaysia?

The players can place football bets on these casinos, which offers welcome bonus from 100% – 220%:


What is the best way to bet on football?

Predict. Track. Stay impartial. – the golden rule to ace bets on football

Predict: The player should make an educated guess based on personal analysis or predictions from football experts.

Track: Monitoring your bets, winnings, and losses can help to identify a trend or pattern to spot the markets worth your money.

Stay impartial: Don’t let any personal thoughts cloud a sound judgement. For example, Team A could be your favourite, but if it’s unlikely to win, don’t bet on it.


Is dafabet safe in Malaysia?

Every transaction is documented and payout is guaranteed. In addition, the casino operator is recognized and deemed legal by the Philippines government where the headquarters is located. 


Can you place bets over the phone?

Yes. Selected casinos support sports betting on smartphone devices. 


How much does a minimum bet cost?

The minimum amount for sports betting in Malaysia starts from as low as RM10.


Is Bet 365 legal in Malaysia?

No. Online gambling is illegal in Malaysia. However, the players may still have access to Bet365 without restricted access.