How to Play a Fishing Game in Online Casinos?

Fish hunting games, or fishing game machines, are often found across your favorite local arcades from around the world. While sounding relatively new, what many people don’t realize is that these kinds of games have been around now for several years.

How it all started

The game first appeared in Asia where it became very popular for both tourists and locals alike in the early 2000’s. Even to this day, these arcade machines, despite its massive size when compared to other machines and casino games, are among the most in-demand games in these local arcades.

It would allow between 4 …

Online Casino in Singapore Will Open on July 1

Every gamblers dream is for casinos to re-open after it closes its doors due to the dangers that corona-virus can bring. Every gambler is excited for the moment when casinos will accept customers again.

On July 1, 2020, casinos in Singapore will reopen but there will be guidelines to follow. Is this a smart move or will it do more harm than good?

At last, the wait is over! A press release came from the casino at Marina Bay Sands said that they open their doors once again to selected people but with safety protocols to follow in order to …

Online Gambling Amidst the Pandemic, the Good and the Bad

Not a single soul on earth is not affected by the pandemic that we are experiencing right now. Everything came to a stop when the covid19 struck the earth. Nevertheless, there is one entertainment that didn’t stop. That is online gambling.

Online gambling continues to operate amidst the pandemic. It is the sanctuary of gamblers who cannot gamble anymore because some of the hotels and casinos are closed due to the community quarantine.

Before the pandemic, Online gambling and online sports betting were a huge hit in the gambling community. The statistics of the yearly increase of players signing up …

All about live casino dealer games

One of the greatest innovations in the industry of gambling is online casinos. It has become the top source of entertainment that people use in their downtimes or when they can’t go to land-based casinos. This kind of entertainment has grown worldwide because of the convenience it gives to the gamblers added with different varieties to choose from.

Live casino is the most distinguished kind of gambling that can be played online. Most bookies offer this kind of entertainment along with a sportsbook if you want to bet on sports too. Live casino is also famous because of that real …

How to Play Online Slots

If you think that slot games are just all about pushing buttons at random, or pulling those clunky levers if you’re a classy player, you couldn’t be more wrong. While it is true that slots require a great amount of luck, it doesn’t mean you should be playing it with a blindfold on. Get to know more about online slots, what they are, and how they work in this article.

How online slots work?

Part of what would make you better at playing online slots or playing slot games, in general, is to understand how they work. However, this article …

Reasons for the increasing popularity of online slots

Among the games that you can see inside the casino, Slot games are one of the most popular and most crowded attractions that you will see. There are casinos where you have to fall in line just to wait for your turn to play.

So why do you think slot machines are a game that is loved by the many? It doesn’t involve critical thinking like Blackjack and poker and still, people would rather fall in line and wait instead of playing in other casino games. Also, slotomania fans are increasing every day.

In this article we are going to …