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Henry Tan - Casino AuthorsSince the rise of the Internet and affordability of broadband plans, the casino industry has experienced unprecedented growth. Before society is introduced to online casinos, physical casinos are the only avenue to satisfy the urges for online gambling. Thanks to online casinos, now everyone can experience the joy of online gambling at their fingertips.

As more people are introduced to online gambling, it sparked renewed interest in casino games. People who have never played online get to experience classics such as poker. Slowly, they graduated to play other games and a comfort zone will be discovered. With the passage of time, the repeated exposure to the games will hone greater expertise. Hence, experts in online gambling such as writers are becoming more notable.

In this article, you will get to know more about our author:

  1. An Introduction to Henry Tan
  2. Contributions and Achievements
  3. Goals and Aspirations
  4. Final Thought
  5. Contact Methods


An Introduction to Henry Tan

Self-proclaimed guru of online casino, Henry Tan originates from Malaysia. He was born on the 30th of September 1974. The former full time job of Henry was an oil and gas engineer, but this 47-year old writer is now a full time writer since 2001. He ventured into casino games in the 90s and still keeps his original username since he started rolling the virtual dice. 

Even during his tenure as an engineer, his write-up has always been something he was passionate about. His favourite topics include his work, the people around him, the weather and the food. He even went to obtain certification for writing skills in his salad days although his friends dissuaded him from doing so. He fell in love with writing and it allowed him to express himself freely.

In his free time, he visits Genting Highlands to gamble for fun. However, once he had to travel abroad for work, he found relief in an online casino. It provided the comfort of feeling at home, without leaving a foreign land he calls the workplace. It only took a few sessions of free plays to get him interested in online casinos. Ever since then, some of his favourite online casinos have been stored in his browser bookmarks.


Contributions and Achievements

Even though he may lack background in writing, his intelligent presentation of ideas and findings proved that writing is his natural talent. As a casino guide writer, he has achieved some brilliant accomplishments in the industry. From all his long list of successes, we have listed a few of them below for your reference:

  • Henry Tan worked with Bobby Baldwin (winner of WSOP) for 6 months. During the partnership, he sharpened his skills in poker and produced content on how to win in poker games.
  • Marco D’Angelo praised his guides on sports betting. He regards Henry Tan as one of the best up-and-coming writers on sports betting.
  • His guides on slots were featured and published in “Strictly Slots” magazine.
  • iGaming Business featured a 7 page content on Henry Tan.
  • He partnered with Vince Goh to release special edition content for the “Player” magazine.


On top of his aforementioned achievements, Henry Tan has made his mark in other different causes too. He previously coached new poker players free of charge. When he is not occupied with coaching other players, he also worked alongside other famous casino players to discover more insight into the industry and game.

In subsequence, he released many free casino guides with collective insight from them to help others advance their competencies too. Furthermore, he also started a foundation to educate other people to write better and even produce marketing materials for the poor. He is a great teacher and never shied away from criticism to improve himself. He believes in two-way communication and loves conversing with readers on feedback about his work.


Goals and Aspirations

As a casino guide writer, Henry Tan wants to provide useful information to all players regardless of their skill levels. Being an avid casino player himself, he started his journey as a writer due to a noticeable lack of reliable casino information online. Therefore, it encouraged him to write and make the leap into the industry.

When others cannot find a reputable source for information on online casinos, he aims to fill the void and become a pillar of wisdom for them. The reason why he produced content which is easily understandable by players of all skill levels is to help them develop further expertise. This is not to create alienation of the target audience which would restrict affected readers from seeing usability in the articles.

While he loves being a full time writer with us now, his ultimate goal is to publish books on casino guides for players around the world. It would be a dream come true for him if he could release one book, but he would be on cloud nine if it could end up as a series of books instead. Since he started his humble writing career, he harbored this wish to a published author.

Staying true to his dream, he also wishes to work with well-known experts from foreign nations such as Vince Goh and others to start a publishing company. This company will solely focus on a magazine which is devoted to casino games. According to Henry Tan, although this dream may seem unlikely to be fruitful now, he believes things can change for the better in the near future.


Final Thought

Henry Tan is our top dog in the prestigious team of writers. His casino tips and guides have helped many readers navigate the complex web of online gambling. Not exclusive to Malaysian readers, his work has touched the lives of international readers too. This can be explained by his reader-friendly articles which carefully considered the different skill levels of readers. Hence, no one is left out when they come across his talented work.


Contact Methods

For those who would like to contact him to discuss subjects regarding the industry or to suggest any topic ideas on his future articles, please feel free to contact him via any of these methods below: