Online Casino in Singapore Will Open on July 1


Every gamblers dream is for casinos to re-open after it closes its doors due to the dangers that corona-virus can bring. Every gambler is excited for the moment when casinos will accept customers again.

On July 1, 2020, casinos in Singapore will reopen but there will be guidelines to follow. Is this a smart move or will it do more harm than good?

At last, the wait is over! A press release came from the casino at Marina Bay Sands said that they open their doors once again to selected people but with safety protocols to follow in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

Also, Resorts World Sentosa will also open their doors hoping to revive the industry of gambling entertainment in the country. The presumed date of the grand return of the big tycoons in the world of gambling will be on July 1 in the present year. (2020).

Both casinos stated that they will be selective on who is allowed to gamble and will follow safety protocols in order for the players to have a safe and enjoyable gambling experience once again.

But regardless of this, some establishments not related to gambling already opened their doors last June as the country travels the second phase of what they have called “circuit breaker” measures in contrast with the fight against covid19.

It is sure that the casinos won’t be as crowded as before because there will be a limit on people who will be inside the casinos. But is it a good thing to do?

What are the safety measures of the casinos

The said casinos stated that in order to have a safe gambling platform, each establishment has consulted medical experts to impose safety precautions to the coming opening.

Some precautions that they have started to work out with are the air circulation of the establishment. They want the air to circulate within and outside the casino to avoid the risk of airborne transmission.

Another safety measure that they impose is the wearing of face masks in the establishment. Another is the limitation of people that will enter the establishment and all attractions are barred with acrylic safety shields that will protect both the guests and dealers when they are gambling.

They also indicated that they will increase the sanitation and disinfection of their gambling house to increase the tolerance of their establishment against the virus.

Is it a good move?

Although the protocols of higher medical organizations are to stay indoors until a vaccine or a cure has been made, businesses need to keep going in order to avoid bankruptcy. That is the horrible truth.

Because the longer people stay indoors, the faster the slump down of each country will be. If the economy of a country goes down amidst the pandemic, they will have a hard time getting up when everything is back to the way it was.

That is why they need some of these businesses to continue their operations, to help their economy together.

Is it a good move? When it comes to the economy, this is a risky but good move. But when talking about medical safety this is not a good step.

There is always this question of “what if?”. What if it begins another wave of casualties? What if it brings down both the economy and the safety of the people once this happens?

It’s up to you

The casino business in Singapore will reopen soon. Some of you may think that it is going to make the scenario worse, and some will think it’s for the best, It is up to you if you’re going to gamble your life or not. But whatever happens, just keep safe and healthy so that this pandemic will be over soon.