Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Gambling and the Casino


Today, there are over 1500 casinos around the world, with many more being constructed every year. Casinos have long been a source of myths and stories. These tales originated from societies that did not allow casinos to exist.

The current state of casinos

Nowadays, the number of casinos worldwide is increasing rapidly day by day. There are many interesting facts about casinos that you can learn by researching online.

One very interesting fact about casinos and casino games are the stories behind them. Many people think that the story behind the casinos is just an embellishment. However, the truth is that many of the stories about the history of the casinos are true.

They also tell us that they were originally founded to help poor people and that they have been helping them for quite some time now.

Fascinating facts

There is always a rational reasoning behind everything: the how’s and why’s of a mechanism, the purpose of the invention, and even misconceptions. Today, we will be focusing on some interesting facts about gambling that you probably didn’t know.

Why slot machines use fruits on their reels

There is a weird reason behind why slot machines use fruits as symbols on reels. Before slots became one of the most popular casino games that we all know and love today, how it looks like back then is completely different.

Slots were using poker card symbols until the 20th century where there were rules that prohibits gambling including playing slot machines. To get away with this, companies who still make machines started using alternative symbols such as fruits.

Blackjack is more than 4 centuries old

Another popular game in every casino you’ll find today is Blackjack. The fact that it is over 400 years old is fascinating as it still stands to be a favorite amongst many gambling players.

It was in 1613 when a man named Miguel de Cervantes wrote the earliest mention of the game in his short story called Rinconente y Cortadillo. The way he described the game was similar to how Spanish 21 is played.

The longest poker game was played for 8 years

While this article dawdles greatly about how popular casino games like slots or blackjack are, poker is arguably what many consider worthy of being on the same list. In any case, a game of poker is popular for many reasons.

As a matter of fact, poker is the most popular table card game, if not, the most popular gambling game according to Wikipedia. What most people do not know about poker is that the longest poker game ever played lasted for 8 years!

Robert Maxwell is a man with no sheer luck

If you ever feel terrible at yourself from constantly losing at gambling, don’t push yourself too hard. Robert Maxwell is a notorious gambler who is widely known for having the record of the most loss in a game of roulette.

One of his most popular loss was his 3-minute play of the game, where he lost £1.5 million.

The humble beginnings of The Suquamish Clearwater Casino

One of the most popular casino establishments in this modern day is The Suquamish Clearwater Casino. Before it became the casino resort that we know and love today, it was a mere bingo hall 26 years ago. It recently got another remodel and it just keeps on getting better!


The most important thing you need to learn about the interesting facts about casinos is that there are many things that you can do with the money that you win at the casinos. Of course, you can spend the money on your favorite game, but you can also take part in other activities and make some good money at them.