Different Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Aside from Convenience, Bonuses and promotions are what makes an online casino stand out against land-based casinos. This is one of the factors that gamblers look for in a bookie. Without casino bonuses, online bookies will lose some of its markets that will affect their business in the long run. This is one reason why online casinos update their promotions once every year or every month.

In every country, bonuses vary from what the customers are actually playing. For example in Europe, sportsbooks are more famous than live casinos, therefore most bonuses in their country are focused on their sportsbook. There are also some promotions that reflect the different holidays of a country. Look at Thailand, there are bonuses related to their holidays like Songkran which is Thai’s new year.

The Bonuses

  • Among the bonuses, the most popular is the welcome deposit bonus. This type of promotion was made for the customers who are new to an online bookie. If the players deposit money in their account, they will be given free money to play in their games. The amount that will be given to you depends on what percent the bookie offers on their site. For example, if an online bookie offers a hundred percent free deposit bonus and the player deposits $1,000, the player will receive another $1000 additional money in their account. It is like the bookie’s way of saying thanks for choosing their site as a gambling platform.
  • If you are a slot savvy person then this type of bonus will make you happy. Some online bookies include free spins in their slot machine section. Sometimes they give it every day as an extra play for their valued customers. The amount of spins varies from the type of promotion that the bookie offers on their site.

This type of bonus is also available if there is a new slot machine provider or games in their slot machine section. They give free spins of free play so that the players would try it.

  • There are also unique bonuses that are available in different bookies. These are promotions that they designed based on what kind of players they have in their bookie or just a marketing strategy to increase their number of players.

A birthday bonus is part of unique bonuses. This kind of bonus is given to their players in the week or the exact day of their birthday.

Another kind of unique bonus is the trip bonus. Trip bonus is a giveaway or raffle for their players who will reach a certain deposit amount. For example the player who will win this bonus will be given an all-expense-paid trip to some places or ball game.

Read the Terms and Conditions

One reason why you chose an online casino is because of the bonuses they offer especially when they give free credits. Singapore online casino free credit is one of the biggest free credits you can find in any country. However don’t just get carried away by the title of the bonus. You have to read the terms and the requirements needed for you to qualify for the said promotions.

The reason why there are so many gamblers who complain about why they are not getting the types of bonuses that a bookie offers is that they did not read the terms. They do not know that they don’t qualify for it. So don’t just get caught in the title. This is their marketing strategy. Read and choose so that you will not have any regret in the future.