Knowing The Real Vince Goh and His Climb To Fame

Vince Goh - Casino AuthorsThe growth of the online casino industry continues to blossom and the industry itself is almost as ever present as the Internet. Online casinos have evolved from brick and mortar casinos into what they are today. In this day and age, the virtual casino has even become a competitor for major physical casinos, not just alternatives.

Even during times of pandemic where people are forced to stay indoors, online casinos have made it easier for people to satisfy their urges. Furthermore, online casinos have also employed reputable game developers to design games which superseded the same counterparts found in physical casinos.

In the midst of skyrocketing growth of the online casino industry, Vince Goh is slowly making a name for himself as a casino guide writer. He is a leading online casino expert known throughout the world. In addition, he is known to write some of the best online casino guides in the industry.

In this article, you will get to know more about Vince Goh

  1. An Introduction to Vince Goh
  2. Contributions and Achievements
  3. Goals and Aspirations
  4. Final Thought
  5. Contact Methods


An Introduction to Vince Goh

 Vince Goh is a 48-year-old famous casino guide writer and player from Singapore. He is famous around the world but in Southeast Asia in particular. In his past, he was also a competent casino player with countless wins under his belt. This also makes him one of the most successful casino players in Southeast Asia.

Although he was born and raised in a relatively wealthy family, Vince Goh never let that cloud his judgement. Despite having a substantial backing of wealth from his parents, he studied hard and earned a scholarship to study Mathematics & Statistics at the University of Michigan. He also furthered his education with Masters in Statistics & Economics in the same university.

According to him, he really loved numbers and statistics. Hence, this explains his extensive background in statistics as one of motivators for success in casino games. He recalled his first visit to a physical casino with a friend. His next visit to another casino occurred 1 month later driven by renewed interest.

He actually did some research to improve his chances of winning in his second visit. Although the first visit left him defeated, he would still want to give it another go. Eventually he leaped into the world of online casinos and explored the world as well.


Contributions and Achievements

Vince Goh’s works are known around the world as his guides are also used by some of the world famous casino players. Thanks to his guides, several players have earned their wins and competed in major tournaments. Furthermore, he also participated and won the top 10 in a poker competition. Thus, he earned his reputation as a top casino player. He also nearly won millions in sports betting and this helped to build his reputation as a famous sports bettor in Southeast Asia particularly.

  • He was the first Asian to have his work published in Casino Life Magazine, also known as one of the biggest casino-themed magazines in the world
  • Got a 5-page feature about his expertise in casino guides and tips in the Casino Life & Business Magazine
  • Appeared as the front cover and become an exclusive feature in Casino Style Magazine
  • Named as one of the best guide writers by industry experts and other casino players especially sports bettor John Price
  • Had a successful op-ed series with another famous guide writer in Asia which sold millions of copies


These achievements are just some of the many successes of Vince Goh. He often loves to look at a bunch of goals and aspirations written down and framed at home. This helped to remind him what he would like to accomplish in his career as an expert casino guide writer and player. Guided by this practice, he has achieved some amazing feats thanks to some important values of life.


Goals and Aspirations

There are many things that Vince Goh would still like to achieve in his life. For instance, he would love to continue writing exclusive and important casino guides for players from all skills levels. He does not rest on his merits alone, as he still wants to accomplish more for his career. Hence, he also writes and publishes stand-alone content for players all around the world.

In his free time, he also loves to research and experiment with online tools to determine factors which influence the players’ winning chances. This is followed by extensive write-ups about how to use these tools, including the pros and cons. 

Beyond the world of online casinos, he also loves to explore the endless possibilities in cryptocurrencies. He discovered that cryptocurrency has slowly found its way into many different casinos. While he is more comfortable with old ways of doing things, his desire to learn continues to fuel him. He wants to learn more about cryptocurrencies and how it is used and influences online casinos. 

As the world continues to evolve, he believes he needs to advance too in order to grow. For his future projects, he is planning to do a few detailed write-ups to be published to the players on this matter. He hoped that this project will help other veteran players to learn new technology and concepts. This will help them to excel further in their efforts to be successful.

Publication of books with specialization in casinos and casino guides is also his dream goal. As a former globetrotter who travelled to various countries for tournaments, he would like to to release a book on the landed casinos around the world. The guide will be useful to educate the readers about do’s and don’ts for new players to survive their first tournaments. 

He also dreams to collaborate with other famous casino guide writers in Asia to release a book especially for the Southeast Asian casino game market. Unlike other regions, the market close to the Southeast Asia region is unique and it is packed with many discoveries. The collaboration is expected to shed light on trends of casino games.


Final Thought

Vince Goh continuously keeps up-to-date with all the trends of online casinos. He often feels the need to stay in tune in order to capture the latest developments. This explains why his work is wildly popular among the readers. Despite having a huge family and extensive hobbies, his love for casino games and industry always take precedence over anything else. 

Other readers trust him for his fiery passion in creating genuine guides to help them. Other than that, the ambitions he set for himself is the reason why he has come this far in the online casino industry.


Contact Methods 

Please feel free to reach out to him by sending an email or by messaging him, should there be any questions about casino guides or tips. Furthermore, if you would like to seek further clarifications on his guide writings or career achievements, you may contact him via: