Why Peter Nilsen Is Famous And His True Background Revealed?

Peter Nilson - Casino AuthorsBefore Peter Nilsen transitioned to become a famous casino guide writer, he was a well-known poker player in the industry. He was born on 19 September 1983, and this 38-year old veteran poker fanatic resides in Singapore. While he calls the Lion City his home, he originated from Germany. 

Thanks to his father’s nature of work, his family relocated frequently during his childhood. As a result, they travelled to many places and the whole family eventually settled down in Macau for about 10 years. When he was a young man, he was very active in sports. Basketball, handball, football, and netball are his favourite sports in school.

Although he comes from a well-to-do family, he developed strong self-reliance as encouraged by his parents. Hence, he started working and earning money from a young age. His family taught him the value of hard work and money. Most importantly, he learned money doesn’t grow on trees and he should spend it wisely.

He possesses a degree and masters in English and Literature. He was motivated to pursue his education in the aforementioned subjects because he fell in love with a book titled “Pride and Prejudice”. It changed his perspective and made him pursue that pathway in college. In addition, he loves painting houses. He finds it therapeutic and his favourite motive is houses and windows.

In this article, you will get to know more about Peter Nilsen:

  1. How He Journeyed Into the Casino Industry?
  2. Contributions and Achievements
  3. How He Found Success and His Future Goals
  4. Final Thought
  5. Contact Methods


How He Journeyed Into the Casino Industry?

Peter played his first ever casino game in Macau and he was captivated by the thrill of anticipation and waiting for a victory. He stepped into the casino with his friends and his expectation about the casino is confirmed by the actual visit. Once he sets foot on the casino, he is inclined to make future visits again.

Together with his friend, Anthony, they visited different casinos in Macau like a pilgrimage into the world of gambling. Apart from physical casinos, they have eventually ventured into online casinos where it opens a new horizon for them. While Peter embraced online casinos, his friend is more appreciative of physical casinos.

He built a career in news outlets but he eventually found his way into the world of casino games. According to Peter, baccarat is his favourite game and he went to experiment with poker and slots. It takes time for him to learn which game is his favourite as he requires personal interaction to determine the games that suit him best. 

Eventually after repeated exposure to casino games he loved so much, he left his job as a journalist. He started writing in forums and working as a freelancer to produce content about casinos. Singapore became his permanent home when he relocated his family and he continued to flourish there.


Contributions and Achievements

Throughout his involvement as a casino player and casino guide writer, he accomplished many things under his belt. For instance, he earned several honorable mentions by many casino players. It is said that his guide has helped them to discover what they love in their careers. In fact, one of the richest casino players, Zeljko Ranogajec has mentioned his name many times during interviews.

He is also a published writer with several books co-authored with other writers such as John Grochowski, Ed Miller and Dan Harrington. He credited his relocation to Singapore to be the catalyst for his career in writing books. In addition, his family is also his pillar of strength to get him through difficult times.

In addition, he has also been featured in gambling magazines for about 5 times, and he even became the front page of the publications. He was also given a special feature in a casino journal where they released a special biography about him. 


How He Found Success and His Future Goals

In Singapore, he continued writing and published content about casino guides. His work has gained significant traction among Singaporean readers at this point. The reason for his success can be attributed to the dedication he has given to his job. This is proven through consistent publication of his guides every fortnight since he started writing. 

Furthermore, he also learned to change his writing style when needed. He understands different readers interpret things differently. Hence, he became a chameleon and altered his way of writing in accordance with different target readers. However, he is more focused on slots recently as the game has become quite popular among the players around the world.

In the near future, he would like to publish a book on the history of casino games and misconceptions which people hold against the games. Peter Nilsen said,Casino games have been gaining attention for all the wrong reasons. Everything has its goods and bad, but everyone has been only focusing on the bad things when it comes to this industry. I would like to let people know that this is a great industry and they shouldn’t shy away from it..

Peter aims to continue dispelling wrong ideas about casino games and the industry because he made this his life mission. He believes there are two sides to everything, as casinos have their own good sides too. If even just one reader felt impacted by his content, Peter felt he had accomplished something in his work. 


Final Thought

If anyone is looking for straightforward online casino tips, guides, and information which are easily understandable, Peter Nilsen’s articles are the best source for the readers. He always attempts to see things from the viewpoint of the readers. Hence, he thinks and writes like them. It is not difficult to see why his work is popular because he knows how to spot critical problems and propose simple yet effective solutions.

This is also complemented by the fact that his writings are clear and simple for new and experienced players alike. Every reader can take advantage and learn something valuable from his guides. If anyone has any questions, or would like to get in touch with him, please feel free to contact him at Replies can be expected in a fortnight.


Contact Methods

Please do not hesitate to reach out by sending him an email if there are any doubts about his work. One may also feel free to seek further clarity on his guide writings or career achievements.